A gorgeous and particularly restored 1967 Jaguar MK2. Final year for the model. Originally a west coast car – never any rust. No nicks, dings or scratches. (Vintage air) air conditioning and all service up to date. This is the ultimate expression of what the MK2 could be while still retaining the classic look and charm of the original. British Racing Green bare metal respray in lacquer wrapped over new Black leather and Wilton carpets. The wood has been refinished to a high standard as can be seen in the photos. The car has also been modernized for the comfort, convenience and safety of the owner. Power steering and air conditioning have been retrofitted as well as a Retrosound Radio. The ignition is electronically controlled meaning no more points or pickup wear components and 3 point seat belts are also installed. The cooling system has been completely restored with all new components including an aluminum radiator and a pusher fan which also functions when the A/C is on . This will prevent overheating of the car and you on the worst days of the summer. The engine has been rebuilt professionally and upgraded internally as well to include Rally cams, upgraded pistons, increased compression and ported/polished head with 2″ HD8 SU carburetors fitted to a polished intake. The exhaust is new and Stainless. To handle these upgrades the brakes have also been modernized with a fresh set of Wilwood calipers. This MK2 actually delivers the performance in going, steering and stopping that Jaguar promised all along. A wonderful classic to take on vintage rallies or weekend drives.

Stillwater, Minnesota, United States