This a gorgeous Silver Shadow finished in Silver Mink with Royal blue Connolly hides and coordinating navy blue floor rugs. Finished with dark blue fine-lines on the body waist-line and hubcap beauty rings. The light metallic “silvery aqua” exterior color elegantly contrasts with the dark blue interior. This is a 3 owner car that has 31,700 miles! The body on the car is very very straight and completely accident free. In fact, the car sports all-over entirely original paint from the factory! This is very rare to see these days on a Silver Shadow. If you are the purist, you will love this attribute. The paint presents shiny and with a continuous luster but it does show the signs of polishing over the years with various thin spots and age discolouration in certain areas which are typical to single stage paint. It is not cracked or crazed so this is a positive, but it also shows the odd stone chip and scratch. Original paint is somewhat of a “double edged sword” on Silver Shadows because it is great for the car’s authenticity and originality but, along with that, comes the weakness of single stage paint technology practiced by Rolls-Royce in the 1970s. One thing for sure, the condition of this car still in its original paint says a great deal for the way the car has been cared for. The interior of the car is in stunning condition with its original Connolly hide leather upholstery finished in the navy blue in excellent condition. It is super soft without any splits, tears or wear of any kind. All the wood on the dash, doors, window surrounds, console and the vanity mirrors are original and in amazingly good condition. Further testament to the cars careful ownership history. Original wood is in this condition is rarely seen today as it is otherwise shows bad cracking and peeling in the lacquer – and it is expensive to refinish. On this car, there are some minor hairline lacquer marks but nothing that warrants refinishing in our opinion. The headlining is in amazingly excellent condition. The carpets too, except for a small hole on the passenger front footwell which we are happy to repair.  It has its original rear foot-rests in matching navy blue Wilton wool. The deep grain and glossy finish of the rich grained wood in this example contrasts beautifully with the blue Connolly hides – making the interior of this car very rich and inviting. Overall it is like new and smells like it too. All interior features and functions are fully operational including electrics – seats, windows, gauges, lights etc. The A/C blows icy cold and heater working well. The clock even ticks perfect time! Everything is all so clean and crisp. The steering wheel still displays in its deep glossy black finish. This Silver Shadow has a period correct push-button radio in the appropriate console position and a factory original 8-track Radiomobile in the upper console. The chrome, stainless steel and bright work finishes are all good without any pitting and the glass and rubber around the car is very fine. Mechanically, the car is in superior condition and the original presentation under the bonnet clearly shows that. All we changed was the reservoir cover as part of the hydraulic system flush – all the rest is original. Quite amazing condition! All hydraulics and brakes have been inspected and serviced. The system has been pressured tested and bled and works correctly. Exhaust is good. The car is fitted with a good set of Firestone 205/75-15 whitewall tyres.  This is a very original presenting Silver Shadow that has had all its usual nuances and typical issues of its age professionally attended to and so is ready to. The mileage on the car shows some 31,686 which we have been assured is original. All evidence shows that indeed it is correct. If this car had perfect paint, she would be a 10 out of 10 driver example. With the paint flaws as the only set back, she is still an easy 8-9 out of 10 driver that needs nothing else doing. It makes for a gorgeous “weekender” that you could take to your next RR meet with pride and joy.

Location: Barrington, Illinois, United States

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