What can you say about this stunning combination Silver Shadow II finished in white with hand-painted fine lines in burgundy to the waist lines and the hubcap beauty rings. The Connolly interior is finished in rich burgundy with Magnolia matching piping. The interior makes for a striking combination with the exterior.

This is one of the last of the series of Silver Shadows ever made and was a Californian car most of its earlier life and then resided in Missouri but for storage purposes only for the last few years.

It is primarily an original presenting Silver Shadow II that was recently lightly restored by the Park-Ward Motor Museum – a nation-wide leader in Rolls-Royce restoration with over 30 years Rolls-Royce and Bentley experience.

This Shadow II is very straight with the paint in overall nice presentation. The paint is actually mostly original which is quite rare for these cars considering the paint on these cars would rarely “go the distance”. It is not perfect and there are signs of age to include chips, blemishes, minor crazing and signature fractures in the lead-wiping areas of the car (Rolls-Royce used a process known as “lead-wiping” in which lead was used to join body panels as opposed to bondo. It was a true craftsmen process – lost in modern car manufacturing methods. With this art, came issues of the lead expanding and contracting at a different rate to the steel and aluminum on the car causing certain places of the overlying paint to stress crack. Literally, every Silver Shadow ever made now displays this symptom). So please do not expect perfection from a show car point of view but it is otherwise very nice for driver use. The fine lines were not so long ago re-painted by hand because the original lines were showing wear thru from years of polishing (this confirms originality!).

The burl walnut wood finishes are entirely original and have NEVER been redone. They are very nice with only some slight hair-line marks notable in the driver’s door and parts of the dash. This is also very rare to see on a Rolls-Royce of this vintage as the RR finish was a very thick and deep lacquer which in mostly all cases, cracks and peels off after many years of seasonal temperature change. For this car to sport its original wood can only mean that it has been homed and/or stored under “constant” temperature which very clearly supports its West coast USA up-bringing. The wood in this car is the Milanese burl walnut finish option and thanks to the grace of Mother Nature, the grain of the burl is very rich and intense, beautifully deep and inviting.

The Connolly leather is in excellent condition throughout without any notable marks or blemishes. It is finished in rich burgundy which was often referred to by UK-based Rolls-Royce dealers as “House of Lords red” (after the English parliamentary house which famously uses this rich burgundy leather). The carpets are a solid burgundy. The leather was recently re-Connollised (a detailed hand-finish process which ensures an original finish and presentation) and as you can see in the photographs presents stunningly. I think it is difficult not to describe the interior as anything less than striking! Please have a look at the photo link of the many close-ups of the leather. The dash is good with no leather pulling around the vents and the rear parcel shelf is as new.

All glass, chrome and bright work are excellent. All lights, instruments, features and functions are in working order.

Mechanically, the car has been subject to the 30 year service and restoration experience of the Park-Ward Motor Museum’s private workshop and trained RR mechanics and craftsmen. Like every other car delivered by Park-Ward it comes with everything in excellent working and operating condition, fully inspected and serviced. This includes the all important hydraulics & brakes – fully inspected and pressure tested with any parts replaced and/or over-hauled as required – reservoir, pumps, accumulators, valves, hoses, calipers. All electrics; seats, windows, gauges and instruments have been fully gone thru and serviced as required. The climate control in good working order with the heater nice and hot and the air conditioning blowing icy cold. In summary, the car is shipped with everything fully operational, down to the smallest light bulb.

The tires are Michelin whitewalls in 225/75 size. Although with satisfactory tread, Michelin whitewalls in this size have not been made for several years and although fine for everyday pottering around, we would recommend changing them for any intended touring (please enquire).

The car is an extremely beautiful presenting example that is well in advance of any Silver Shadow II and is in excellent presentation and condition. A strong 9+ out of 10.

Price: Auction

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Location: Barrington, Illinois, United States