This is a gorgeous presenting right-hand drive Silver Shadow sedan finished in Shell Grey (silver) with Navy blue Connolly leather hides. It has hand-painted dark blue fine lines to the waist-rails and hubcap beauty trim rings. The silver with navy blue makes for a very elegant combination and is classic for a Rolls-Royce. Certainly it is a hallmark of the era.

This car was owned by a local enthusiast who maintained the car very well and rarely drove her in inclement weather. Regularly storing her in a climate controlled environment.

The exterior of the car is straight and rust free with the underside clean and tidy. The paint is in excellent condition with the finish high in luster and consistent all over. It was repainted in its original colours some 8 years ago and so is virtually chip and blemish free. Overall, the exterior presents beautifully with all chrome and glass in good condition. Inside door edges and jams are clean and tidy.

The interior of the car is also excellent. The interior leather is entirely original Connolly from factory. It is entirely without any tears or unsightly wear marks and the seats remain soft and supple. Door panels, dash, interior chrome work, gauges and instruments are all in very fine condition. Being a “home market” car (UK spec), the headliner is finished in Ambler so it presents in perfect condition like when it was new (US spec cars have broad-cloth wool which shows its age quickly. Ambla is a very high quality vinyl which lasts “forever”). to remind us of its London delivery, the “Jack Barclay Ltd” dealer emblem is proudly displayed at the entry step of both front doors. (On the centre console is a compass that can be easily removed if preferred). A 70’s Radiomobile period correct cassette player has been added in place of the original 8-track (this may have been a factory option, we are unsure).

The light African burl walnut wood throughout is all original and although showing some minor marks in the front door cappings, is really in lovely condition. This is very rare to see on a Silver Shadow and is testament to the cars cosseted life-style. And, with the beauty of only the best of burl walnut, the grain in this Silver Shadow displays a very intense grain and colour. From rich yellow ochres to rich reds and browns with a hint of olive. It is truly stunning and quite superb.

The trunk carpet is excellent with the correct jack and tools in place. The whitewall tyres are brand new 215/75/15s, with the hubcaps straight and the stainless steel shiny. It has the later style vented caps (74 onwards) which set off the car nicely but should you prefer the original non-vented caps, we have these available as an alternative.

Mechanically the car is in fantastic shape. It has been recently thoroughly work-shopped by Park-Ward with all the hydraulics/braking system serviced and working well. The car has been well maintained over the years with the more typical items – such as rotors, pads and brake lines, by example – having been done. The engine truly purrs and gear-change is smooth and quiet. The car is very spritely in power which is a good sign of a well cared for and good condition motor. Being a UK car, these have a none of the anti-pollution equipment as fitted to North American cars and, a little known fact, the higher compression engines. So there is actually a notable difference in power and performance. The mileage travelled is 78,000 and although not verifiable, the car looks every bit a low mileage example.

A/C blows ice cold and the heater works well. Electricals have all been serviced so windows, seats and features & functions work as they should. All interior and exterior lighting has been checked with all bulbs and lamps operating correctly. The car has modern-style window tinting fitted in excellent condition but if you are a purist, as I am, and you would prefer this removed, simply let us know.

Special bonuses for being a UK spec car include; “Corniche style” front headrests, Ambler head-lining (as mentioned), optional ash-try on driver-side top-roll (you will also see the dash is slightly different in shape to accommodate this feature) and left & ride-side parking lights (in the UK can park your car facing in either direction on all roads and choose which side of exterior parking lights to be illuminated). It also has the pull-out style of hand-brake.

Sporting period and regional correct Rolls-Royce number plates; “1800 TU” (which come with the car), it has factory correct and original option front fog lamps fitted and a front bumper badge bar.

This Silver Shadow very comfortably ranks an easy 10-out-of-10 driver quality example.

Price: Auction

More info: Listing has ended. Search on eBay for similar 1971 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Location: Barrington, Illinois, United States