Nobody else does interiors like the British, and this one is like a gentlemen’s club that can do 140 MPH. The hand-crafted interior features creamy smooth Connolly leather, detailed stitching unique to Bentley, veneered woodwork, Wilton carpets, smooth chrome switches, and a complex curvature for the dash panel and center console. Is it art? Well, perhaps, and once you’ve settled in there you’ll feel like a million bucks. There’s some slight wear to the driver’s seat bolsters, but that’s only because the hides are not over-processed, and can be easily touched up. Big, simple gauges are spectacularly retro, and every single component feels expensive under your fingertips, with everything made of some natural material: wood, leather, or chrome-plated steel. And if you’re lucky enough to be a passenger, the rear seat is commodious with more stretch-out room than a Suburban. Bentley quality even extends to the trunk, which is upholstered better than the interiors of most production cars today. Power comes from Rolls-Royce/Bentley’s legendary “six and three-quarter litre” V8, which makes more than “adequate” horsepower in Bentley tune. It’s more than enough to make this car formidable on the highway, and it wafts along in eerie silence at anything below 100 MPH. The ultra-smooth powertrain also includes a 4-speed automatic gearbox, whose quick reflexes make the big car feel 2000 pounds smaller when the road starts to get challenging. Actually, its mannerisms make it feel like a car that’s begging to be driven with the hammer down, just like the Bentleys of yore, but it’s actually most comfortable simply wafting along, practically eliminating any tactile evidence of the real world outside the windows. With a fully independent suspension, disc brakes the size of trash can lids, and fat 235/70/16 radials on handsome Bentley alloys, its ability to hustle will astound you, but it’ll do it in total silence.

Price: Auction

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Location: Fort Worth, Texas, United States